A recent article from securityweek.com raises awareness of how cyber-criminals are fooling unwary computer users with phony offers to update computers to Windows 10.  These emails are known as “ransomware”, malicious files intended to trick computer users into supplying credit card information, thinking that they are purchasing a product or service.  Once installed, the malicious file can harm your computer and files. Here is what you should look out for:

  • E-mails with the subject line “Windows 10 Free Upgrade”
  • Any mail appearing to come from “update@microsoft.com”
  • Any email offer to upgrade to Windows 10 – Windows upgrades are not supplied from Microsoft via unsolicited email.

If you have a Windows 10 eligible computer and want to know more about Microsoft’s newest operating system, our technicians can assist you with all of your computing needs. At this time, our advice is to let Microsoft work out all the kinks that come along with a new operating system release, allowing 90 days or so before fully considering doing the upgrade.

Original Article: SecurityWeek.com